• The Silly Sheep fibre company
  • The Silly Sheep fibre company
  • The Silly Sheep fibre company
  • The Silly Sheep fibre company
  • The Silly Sheep fibre company
  • The Silly Sheep fibre company
  • The Silly Sheep fibre company
  • The Silly Sheep fibre company

The Silly Sheep fibre company

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At The Silly Sheep fibre company they use fleeces from their own sheep and from those of their friends and neighbours in Shetland to produce fine fibre and knitting yarn. They sell wool in natural colours & hand dyed colours.

This small company produces knitting yarns and felting & spinning fibre from their own flock of sheep, they also buy some fleeces from other crofters to extend the range they are able to offer. Their own flock is a mix of mainly Shetland sheep & some Shetlands cross bred with Hebridean sheep who have been with them for years. Visit the croft and workshop to meet the sheep that produce these beautiful fleeces, see the hand dyeing process, and to buy yarns, fibres and accessories.

Silly Sheep always have several natural shades of wool in weights from lace to Aran and well matched range of dyed colours, perfect for fairisle knitting.

The croft is located in a beautiful area of Shetland's West Mainland, within walking distance of the picturesque village of Walls. Silly Sheep's traditional croft house workshop has been part of a working croft for generations. You might be lucky enough to see some of the many visiting wading & sea birds, who drop by regularly or even their neighbourly Otter.

The croft is home to numerous archaeological remains, from various time periods & a wide variety of wild flower species can be seen.

Walkers are welcome to visit the croft, although you should drop by the workshop or the house to check if there are any areas where you should avoid so as not to disturb livestock or wildlife. At various times of the year the sheep should not be disturbed and there are also ground nesting birds in the area. As with all crofting land, it is essential that dogs are kept on a lead at all times. If you would like to relax without worrying about your canine friend, the Silly Sheep team can look after your dog for you at the workshop while you enjoy the scenery.

Members of the Shetland Arts and Crafts Trail and Scotland's Go Rural agritourism network.

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