BAKKA’s workshop will remain closed until further notice. However, I am happy to meet customers outside by appointment and I have all the necessary health precautions gloves, hand-sanitiser, masks, surface wipes.

I produce contemporary sustainable Fair Isle textiles: traditional Shetland knitwear heritage meets modern functionality. Drawing my inspiration from the oldest patterns and faithfully replicating the old natural colours, my textiles are produced using a luxurious 100% superfine merino yarn.

My name is Mary Macgregor. I produce luxury contemporary Fair Isle textiles: where traditional Shetland knitwear heritage meets modern functionality. My aim in creating this business is to promote and help preserve the cultural heritage of a uniquely Shetland product, Fair Isle knitwear. I believe that the only way to preserve a tradition is to contemporarise it, to use it.

Drawing my inspiration from the oldest traditional patterns held in the collections of the Museums of Shetland and Edinburgh, and faithfully replicating the colours of the past, I produce my textiles from the world leader in 100% superfine merino yarn. The resulting textiles are silky-soft and durable, yet affordable.

The collections for 2019 introduce a new and unique fabric: reversible Fair Isle. I have succeeded in applying a two-colour knitting technique to more than two colours while maintaining perfect selvedges in the pieces. I believe that it is an important development because it eliminates the loops on the reverse of the fabric, so annoying in traditional Fair Isle textiles. Instead the reverse side has the same design as the front but with the colours inverted. I am convinced that it is the way forward.

Additionally, my products are as sustainable as possible, economically, socially and environmentally. I work under the name of BAKKA. Visitors to Bakka will have the opportunity not only to see the workshop where I design and finish my products but also to see my rare breed flock of pure Shetland sheep.

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