Should STA membership fees be a fixed rate or on a sliding scale?

The subject of membership fees has been discussed at several STA meetings with the question being raised would it help to increase membership and provide a more balanced group if there was a sliding scale of fee's or are we better sticking to a fixed rate of £50 per member. We have consulted with the Orkney Tourism Group who use a sliding scale and you will find following a scale which is based on how their membership fees are established.

We are required to take a vote from the full membership to identify what the membership fees will be and so ask you to select one of the following:

The fixed fee means that every member will pay a set amount of £50 and receive one vote. 

A sliding scale would require each business/ individual to estimate their annual turnover and volunteer which band they fall into, the membership fee will still entitle each member to one vote.

  • Band 1 £0 - £20,000pa             Fee £30      
  • Band 2 £20,000 - £80,000pa     Fee £70    
  • Band 3 £80,000+pa                 Fee £100 

If we do not receive enough votes by midnight on Wednesday 25th June the question will be declared moot and we will remain on the current fixed rate.

Fixed Rate (5)


Siding Scale (9)