Visitor Surveys

Shetland Visitor Surveys

The latest Shetland Visitor Survey was conducted over the period of 1 year from October 2012 to September 2013, for the first time the survey was carried out in conjunction with Orkney & the Western Isles which along with saving costs also means that there is like for like comparable data between the Island groups.

The information which is gathered in these surveys not only provide information for the industry about the number of visitors that have come to Shetland they also provide us with indicators of where our strengths & weaknesses are, what type of person is visiting Shetland and what their motivation for visit Shetland is.

The information contained within these surveys can help us all better identify our potential customers and how we can attract them as well as what we can do to enhance the visitor experience. This information will also be used to inform the development of the Shetland Islands Council's Tourism Strategy in combination with imput from the local industry.

Here are the surveys:

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