Icelandair announce flights to Aberdeen

Icelandair has recently announced that they will begin flights from Keflavik in Iceland to Aberdeen 4 days a week from the 9th of March 2016. Icelandair have operated flights to Glasgow for several years now but never have they come so close to Shetland.

Since the Norröna stopped calling in to Lerwick we have had little reason to look towards the Icelandic market. But in recent years there has been a little more collaboration with the Iclenader's, there have been various art projects which have seen Shetlander's & Icelander's working together. When Shetland host the North Atlantic Native Sheep Conference in 2013 there was a delegation of Icelander's who attended and when Iceland hosted the conference last year a delegation of Shetlander's took up the opportunity to visit Iceland. This November will see the Shetland's first Crime Writting Festival "Shetland Noir" which is being held in partnership with the "Iceland Noir" festival, so there is perhaps more happening between Shetland and Iceland as you may think.

Iceland has also become a gateway for American travellers and this route could provide easier access to Shetland for visitors for the US & Canada.

For anyone following the routes of the Vikings it will also be easier than ever now to combine flights from Iceland to Scotland, boat or flight to Orkney & Shetland and flights to Norway.

Or for the geologist it would be possible to visit the ancient remains of a volcano here in Shetland, stop along one of the greatest oil industry cities in the world and then visit an active volcano in Iceland.

So for all of you with friends in Iceland lets get the word of mouth going that Shetland just got a step closer.

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